Do You Want To Work In New Zealand?

Auckland Sky Tower
Auckland Sky Tower

New Zealand is one of the nicest places on earth. We have a very pleasant climate, great schools, low levels of crime and a wonderful 'can do' attitude to life and work. It's not surprising so many people want to come and live here. Like every country in the world, New Zealand has rules and regulations that restrict the numbers of people allowed to move to the country.

One key area is your ability to make a living. Whether you are a Kiwi coming home after an O.E. Or if you are hoping to emigrate here and make a new life in New Zealand, you will have to find a job.

We offer a wide range of services to help you find the correct employment in New Zealand. We offer interviews by phone and Skype. We work with you and potential employers to ensure you will both benefit.

List below are some links that you may find of interest and some details about New Zealand that you may find useful.

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Having a job before you arrive is a major benefit when you're making a move. We are here to help so call or email us with your C.V and travel plans.

With a huge range of beautiful places, exciting activities, and friendly people, New Zealand truly has something for everyone...

Climate and Location: New Zealand is situated in the southern waters of the Pacific Ocean. It lies approximately 2200km east of Australia and is comprised of the North Island, the South Island, Stewart Island, and other small surrounding islands. New Zealand has a temperate climate where the northern part of the country is noticeably warmer than the southern part. There are four seasons: Summer (December to February), Autumn (March to May), Winter (June to August) and Spring (September to November). For an indepth look at New Zealand weather visit the New Zealand Met Service.

Head to the beech at the weekend
Head to the beech at the weekend

Culture: New Zealand has a population of approximately 3.8 million people, and the official languages are English and Mäori (for further statistical information regarding New Zealand please refer to Statistics New Zealand). We have a unique heritage drawn from our indigenous Maori culture, Pacific Island neighbours and origins as a British colony. New Zealand is famous all over the world for things like bungy jumping, jet boating, kiwifruit and millions of sheep. Our national sport is the rough and tumble game of rugby; our national icon the Kiwi, a flightless nocturnal bird. But kiwi culture also celebrates the diverse peoples and cultures in New Zealand. Cultural festivals, Art galleries, the Performing Arts are just a few examples of the wealth of artistic culture of New Zealand. For more information about the arts in New Zealand, have a look at the Creative New Zealand website, and try out the Tourism New Zealand Events Calendar for what's happening in New Zealand.

Clean rivers to swim and fish
Clean rivers to swim and fish

To Work In New Zealand you may need a Work Visa or a Work Permit.

You do not need a visa or permit to work in New Zealand if you are: A New Zealand citizen or a New Zealand Resident Permit holder (to re-enter you need a current New Zealand Returning Resident Visa) or an Australian citizen or an Australian resident who holds a current Australian resident return visa or one of a group of people who are also exempt from the requirement to hold a Permit to be in New Zealand or a Business visitor to New Zealand who will stay no more than three months in any one year and will only discuss and negotiate business arrangements.

A Work Visa: Is an endorsement you get in your passport to allow you to enter or re-enter New Zealand. It shows you have permission to travel to New Zealand and may be granted a Work Permit when you arrive. The visa may be single, for one journey, or multiple, for more than one journey.

Work Permit: Is an endorsement in your passport which allows you to work in New Zealand. It will state the expiry date of your permit and the conditions of your permit. The conditions may include the type of employment, the employer's name and the location within New Zealand that you are permitted to work in. The New Zealand Immigration service 'Working In New Zealand'section will provide you with information about how to apply.